Distribution of family responsibilities

Differences in education and views on life often lead to the fact that the distribution of family responsibilities between spouses causes disputes and quarrels. Conflicts arise because one of the spouses or both has a clear idea of ​​what the second half should do, but often there is no understanding of their own duties. Psychologists argue that the distribution of family responsibilities should not be based on the sexual characteristics, they should not be divided into “female” and “male”. Yes, indeed, the woman was traditionally the guardian of the hearth, and the man was a minister. But times are changing and changing the worldview and lifestyle. Therefore, a clear separation by such a principle cannot be done.

The distribution of family responsibilities often requires a psychological approach. Any work is better if it brings satisfaction or at least does not cause disgust. When separating responsibilities, consider this fact. It is unlikely that work around the house will cause a lot of positive emotions, however, the distribution of family responsibilities should be based on the absence of negative sensations.

Rarely, but still it happens that absolutely all homework causes negative emotions. This is most likely to be laid down since childhood, so you can’t help with quarrels, disputes and pressure here. Trying to “teach” such a person to work in a house is necessary to gradually and imperceptibly. Когда появятся первые признаки того, что ваше нелегкое дело дало результат, тогда можно сесть и спокойно обсудить распределение семейных обязанностей на семейном совете.

Distribution of family responsibilities: how to make life easier.

– develop a positive attitude towards household duties in your half, homework not only helps to make a home comfortable, but also bring joy to relatives and help to distract from problems;

– Having made a certain part of the work, praise yourself. Do not forget that your loved ones also need your praise and your approval. Even one pleasant word of approval will be an impetus for a person to continue “in the same spirit”;

– The work can be done to the music that you like, you can sing along, dance, in general, do everything so that the distribution of family responsibilities is not a routine, but a pleasant pastime;

– The distribution of family responsibilities will not be so painful if you do work around the house. Psychologists very much approve of this type of “family therapy”, when, when performing house duties, the spouses share their problems and experiences;

– The distribution of family duties should be planned by all family members, then when they are performed, a minimum amount of disputes and misunderstandings will occur.

The correct distribution of family responsibilities may be one of the guarantees of the world in your family.