Design of the living room

It is this room that is considered the center of the apartment, family members gather here, spend romantic evenings and invite guests. Therefore, it is important to make the design of this room so that it is beautiful and comfortable here. To do this, it is not necessary to use the services of professional designers. Basically, all living rooms combine different functions, therefore more profitable to divide the interior of this room into different zones. Preferably two zones. The first is for relaxation, and the second in order to receive guests. In the reception area, you can apply various design techniques, make decorative partitions, put furniture of different shades, use various lighting. For frequent dinners and tea parties, design in yellow, gold, orange or their shades is suitable. The design of the recreation area must be performed in blue, green or blue tones, they act relaxing and relieve fatigue. You can use different types of lighting, for example, to create an intimate environment, you need to put several floor lamps or sconces. Or hang the original Chinese chandelier. To create the original type of living room, use furniture with metal legs.