Design of a country house

Today it has become very popular to acquire its own country housing. This is undoubtedly facilitated by a lot of factors. People not only strive to calm and solitude, but also for the fact that sometimes you need to relax in nature. Which is given today by suburban towhouses and cottages. As a rule, such structures are elevated mainly from brick, concrete, wood and with rare exceptions using rapidly vegetable structures.

Nevertheless, wooden houses are considered the most popular in the construction market for the construction of a suburban housing stock. Any construction of such houses starts with calculations. First of all, they calculate the area and seismic resistance of the land, as well as the ability of the soil to withstand a residential object. As a rule, wooden residential facilities weigh much less than their concrete or brick colleagues. This is why people prefer to build wooden houses.

After the calculations of the land plot are made, architects and customer begin to develop the working plan of the future house. First calculate the area, the number of residential, compulsory and auxiliary premises. Then the presence of the second, as well as, in the possible way, the third floor is affirmed here.

After that, there are calculations of each room, and where they will be located. For example, if the customer wants a sauna to be present in a residential building for the project, then the designer must competently fit it into the project, so that there are no sad consequences after. As a rule, any working project here is compiled for considerations of security and practicality, and then from the point of view of beauty.

In front of the entrance, the hall of the Hall is designed, and two corridors can go from the hall: in the direction of children’s and living rooms, as well as towards the kitchen near the bathroom. On the second floor, usually designers plan from one to three sleeping rooms. Here it can be dictated by how many people in one family.

Also, architects should not lose sight of the dining room and hall. Of course, the living room can play the role of the hall, but the kitchen will have to be divided into two compartments: the kitchen and dining room itself. Many customers prefer that a bathroom is also located on the second floor.

After the project is ready and agreed, its practical embodiment begins.