Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy

In many women, a cytomegalovirus infection is often detected during pregnancy. The causative agent of cytomegalovirus infection is cytomegalovirus, which belongs to the Herpes viruses group. Some doctors believe that cytomegalovirus and pregnancy are incompatible concepts, since it is this causative agent in most cases that is the cause of numerous intrauterine infections of the fetus. According to recent studies, about 2% of newborns at birth are already carriers of cytomegalovirus. Transmission paths of cytomegalovirus 1.     During pregnancy: from mother to fruit through the placenta. Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy are the most common path of infection of the child. 2.     Infection with cytomegalovirus during childbirth. Is not dangerous and rarely becomes the cause of the disease with clinical manifestations. 3.     During breastfeeding. Also practically not dangerous for the child. 4.     In contact with the carrier of cytomegalovirus. The most common way to transfer the virus in preschool and school age. Nonal to the child. The consequences of cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy are serious abnormalities of the development of the fetus, such as heart defects, ugliness, mental retardation or cataracts are quite rare. However, hearing loss, visual impairment, cramps is possible. In most cases, the clinical manifestations of cytomegalovirus are absent. At a childbearing age, about 40% of women remain susceptible to cytomegalovirus. Therefore, cytomegalovirus and pregnancy are not such a rare phenomenon. However, in order to become infected, close contact with the carrier of the virus is necessary-household, airborne or sex. An infected person can distinguish in the environment of the pathogen of cytomegalovirus for two years, and for a child who has received cytomegalovirus during the pregnancy of the mother, he is dangerous for four years after infection. If an adult is infected, then in 90% of cases the symptoms of the disease are absent. The rest may observe lymphocytosis, impaired liver, general weakness and malaise, and a slight increase in body temperature. Complications are rare and only in those who suffer from immunodeficiency. That is why cytomegalovirus and pregnancy are an undesirable state, because in women during pregnancy, immunity is often weakened. The frequency of infection of the fetus depends on the trimester. The greatest risk is primary infection by cytomegalovirus and pregnancy for a period of 4 to 22 weeks. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the infection of the fetus is very rare, but antibodies are already detected in its blood to cytomegalovirus. The minimum risk of infection if a reactivation of cytomegalovirus occurred during pregnancy. Very often, the diagnosis of citamegalovirus scares women during pregnancy. They panic and are very worried about the health of their not yet born baby. However, it should be remembered that in most cases, with a correct healthy lifestyle, it is possible to avoid any undesirable consequences for the fetus. In order to accurately determine the presence of cytomegalovirus, it is necessary to conduct laboratory tests, which in most cases show the presence of antibodies, but do not indicate an infection, which is very important for cytomegalovirus during pregnancy. After all, it is from whether the primary or secondary infection is present in the body that the further actions of doctors depend. In the fetus, the presence of cytomegalovirus infection is detected with ultrasound diagnostics, amnocytez or cordocenteza. Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy-treatment tactics do not have any specific treatment of cytomegalovirus infection in pregnant women. Most often, doctors prescribe acyclovir or foskarnet. Currently, the development of vaccines to cytomegalovirus is underway, which could reduce the risk of infection, including during pregnancy, to a minimum. Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy are a condition that requires additional attention, but does not threaten serious problems. Most pregnancies in women infected with cytomegalovirus end normally.