Special authority among specialists is enjoyed by cork oak bark. This is a plant from the bean family. Grows on the territory of North Africa, Spain. However, somewhere around 60 percent of the stocks of this tree is focused on the territory of Portugal.

When to touch this material, it seems warm. In this regard, the cork oak is used in bedrooms and children’s rooms. The cork coating has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Therefore, the floor from such material can also be recommended to housewives who spend most of the day on the feet.

The most effectively laid the floor from the cork coating in the kitchen, because it neutralizes smells and creates a favorable atmosphere. Cork oak is antistathen, so dust is not attracted to it, it is harmless to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. This material contains substances that do not allow it to rot and protect it from rodents.

The cork coating has appeared quite recently, but the designers have already managed to study this material and can now offer the consumer unusual and original methods of interior design.

Thanks to its qualities, cork oak is gaining popularity among the population.