Computer for working with a computer

To optimize the process of working at the computer, computer tables are purchased for workers. However, this is not enough. A chair is also needed, which will allow you to regulate the position of the body. Now even a schoolboy can say how computer tables differ from ordinary. Yes, distinguishing features are a retractable shelf for the keyboard, a stand for a system unit, as a rule, is also a sliding, holes for the output of wires.

Then all kinds of shelves and stands for CDs are already going on. However, in order for the user’s work at the computer to be effective and not negatively reflected in his health, in addition to the correct table, you must also have a special chair for working with a computer.

Unfortunately, quite often in organizations, institutions and offices there is a fairly frivolous approach from managers to the correct equipment of the workplace of the PC user. Even if written office tables were replaced by computer, for some reason the chairs were left to the employees with ordinary office. And in the offices of the chiefs acquired office chairs.

In fact, office chairs in the non -compliance of a person’s growth can provide a bear service. Yes, they look representative and add the significance of a person sitting in them. Yes, it is pleasant to lean back in them by the end of the working day held at the hearing. But if the chief accountant of the company is a fragile miniature woman, and by the nature of the activity she often has to work at the computer, then it is unlikely that she will be comfortable in a huge chair.

In the ergonomics of the workplace there are concepts such as active and passive comfort. Active comfort implies that it is convenient for a person to move, change the position of the body within the personal workspace. Passive comfort provides convenience of planting and preserving a certain posture.

In relation to working at a computer, this can be decrypted as follows. A person needs to change the position of his body, not really looking up from work: lean back, increase or reduce the height of the chair or a back tilt. Also, employees have different growth, and they simply need to regulate their location relative to the surface of the table and monitor. No matter how it fits into the corporate style of a chair for an office, it does not give such an opportunity as a stool for working with a computer.

So that osteochondrosis does not become a faithful companion of an office worker not only to exercise, but also take care of his posture during work. Of course, not everyone will be able to hold the back in the forward position for several hours of work. But to provide her support under her lower back and neck – the most vulnerable areas – simple enough. You just need to choose the right model of computer stool.