Combined oral contraceptives

Combined oral contraceptives are perhaps one of the most modern and most effective contraceptives. With the right choice of hormonal contraception, not only the prevention of unwanted pregnancy is ensured, but also a positive effect on the body of a woman as a whole. The amount of blood is reduced monthly, the hormonal balance improves, which helps to prevent many gynecological and not only diseases. But in order to achieve this, you should first consult a gynecologist’s consultation. On the basis of the information received from you, the inspection data and the research results will be able to choose combined oral contraceptives, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the body.

Combined oral contraceptives: action mechanism

The efficiency that combined oral contraceptives provide is achieved by several methods at once. Firstly, they suppress ovulation, avoiding the maturation of the egg and its further entering the fallopian tube. This is achieved by taking the appropriate dose of hormones (estrogen and progesterone), secondly, combined oral contraceptives make the cervix secret more thick and viscous, which complicates the progress of spermatozoa and reduces their viability. Thirdly, when taking hormonal contraceptives, the structure of the uterine mucosa changes, which practically eliminates the attachment of a fertilized egg.

Combined oral contraceptives: types and specifics

Depending on the content and proportions of hormones in one tablet, combined oral contraceptives are divided into single -phase, two -phase and three -phase. In the first case, the same ratio of synthesized progesterone and synthesized estrogen will remain in each tablet from the package. In two -phase and three -phase combined oral contraceptives, the ratio of these two hormones changes depending on the phase of the cycle. That is why such contraceptives should be drunk according to the scheme strictly in accordance with the instructions.

Combined oral contraceptives: Reception features

As mentioned above, combined oral contraceptives should be accepted according to the instructions. For greater convenience, manufacturers usually on a plate with tablets mark the arrows of their reception. Sometimes the days of the week are also indicated, which does not allow to get down from the account. Any combined oral contraceptives preferably accept at the same time of day daily. For this purpose, it is convenient to use the alarm clock or set the corresponding signal on your mobile phone. Breaks in taking the drug are made when it is indicated in the instructions.

It is worth remembering that with the simultaneous use of combined oral contraceptives and other drugs, their effectiveness may decrease. Therefore, going to take any medicine, you should first consult a doctor, saying that you are already taking hormonal contraceptives. Perhaps you will be selected by another drug, or you will have to combine combined oral contraceptives with barrier methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy.

Combined oral contraceptives: Advantages and disadvantages

Combined oral contraceptives have a number of advantages, among which their very high reliability is in the first place, as well as a quick onset of contraceptive effect. In addition, hormonal tablets to protect against unwanted pregnancy in most cases are well tolerated and do not cause difficulties in applying. In addition, combined oral contraceptives have a number of therapeutic, as well as preventive effects. In addition, monophasic drugs make it possible to delay menstrual bleeding. At the end of the reception of these tablets in most cases, the ability to get pregnant is restored almost immediately.

As the shortcomings of this contraception, one can indicate the lack of protection against AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. Almost all combined oral contraceptives have a number of possible side effects. Their manifestation is especially characteristic of the first months of administration, which almost always when adapting the body to taking hormonal drugs in the future disappears.