Cleansing of the face

Do we know how to effectively care for the skin of the face? Cleansing, it would seem, every woman should know about this daily ritual. But do we always follow the elementary rules of skin care?

Before starting any skin cleansing measures, you must know exactly what type it belongs to. Without taking into account the features inherent in a specific type of skin, one should not expect a stunning effect from the procedures.

The key to freshness and youth of the skin is its correct cleansing. This procedure is carried out in the morning and in the evening, and in the evening this is given much more time. Before going to bed, it is necessary to remove decorative cosmetics, which clogs the skin because, if you leave it on the face for the night, it is quite possible that in the morning you will wake up in a very unsightly form. And also, wash off the dirt accumulated during the day, which certainly does not contribute to freshness.

Step by step: Stages of skin cleansing

Before the cleansing procedure, remove the hair from the face and wash your hands thoroughly.

Apply a little cleanser on the cheeks and rub. Do not apply the product to sensitive skin around the eyes. Process their neck and area behind the ears.

In circular movements, massage your face and neck. This will dissolve dirt and stimulates blood flow, so the skin can paint a blush.

Drowned in warm water collect the remnants of the product.

Final stroke – cotton pads moistened with cold water, wipe the face. It will refresh it and give a healthy skin look.

After cleansing, you can wipe the skin with a tonic and apply a moisturizing or nutritional product.

Washing secrets

Hot water is not the best option for cleansing, it activates the work of the sebaceous glands and reduces skin tone. Hot water is suitable for very young skin and then, you need to use it no more than twice a week. For all skin types, washing with cool water is suitable, and even better use frozen decoctions of herbs. These ice cubes will lead the skin and visually make younger.

A great effect also gives contrast washing, it is suitable for all skin types, the only exception is skin with closely located capillary vessels, for such a skin this procedure is contraindicated.

Cosmetologists offer to cleanse the skin using lotions, gels and foams, but any cosmetic product should be selected, again, to the type of skin. The loan disk is impregnated with a lotion and wiped the skin, then moisturized with a tonic and applied a nourishing cream taking into account the massage lines.

As for the scrub, it is often not necessary to use it, this cosmetic product is designed to deeply cleanse the skin and will be the best option once a week to achieve the result. The scrub is applied to pre -peeled skin and rub it with circular massage movements. Due to the fact that scrubs include abrasive particles from the skin, dead cells are removed, and massage helps to improve blood circulation. You can’t leave a scrub on the skin, it must be washed off.

It is better to entrust a deeper skin cleaning to a professional cosmetologist, usually this is done once a month.