Cleaning the skin of the face and care

Yesterday we started talking about skin cleansing, as well as leaving her. Well, it’s time to directly continue the conversation on this topic.

Many girls, as far as I know, use the usual soap to clean and relieve decorative cosmetics from the face. I personally against this method of purification: firstly, my eyes are pinching, and secondly, it dry the skin hard. But if there is no choice but to remove soap, then at least after the cosmetics was removed, apply a moisturizer to the face.

What to do if the soap is not at all satisfied? Then choose other ways of removing makeup to choose from – you can remove with vaseline + olive oil (perhaps even better than soap). But after such a removal method, it will be best to wipe the pimples, if any, some kind of alcohol of the infusion (that is suitable, the very vodka).

Another problem of a modern girl, but what is modern, any girl! Black dots and for some reason exactly on the nose?! This is explained quite simply from the point of view scientifically: it is the nasal area of ​​the skin that most strongly distinguishes fats, and black dots are just excess sebum of sebum. You can try to use a scrub every day – then there is a chance that you will get rid of black dots. Nevertheless, not always a regular scrub can help: it is better to use a scrub with a synthetic 5th microparticles and salicylic acid. Do not forget to apply a moisturizer after the scrub.

Some girls are afraid that if you cleanse the skin of the face with a scruff of the skin every day, in the end, will get used to deep cleaning and stop reacting to it. In fact, this does not happen, but it is necessary to change products for cleaning the skin, since the skin in its structure just needs this.

Since we have talked about scrubs, it will not be superfluous to talk about masks, because usually masks and scrubs come to each other. How often can you use masks? It should be noted that the masks themselves are an excellent tool for moisturizing, cleansing and simply maintaining the skin in excellent condition. The mask must be used once a week. Depending on your skin type: if oily, then exfoliating, if dry, then moisturizer and so on.

As for cleansing methods, it would be a good option to cleanse the skin of male cosmetics. So instead of the lotion, it is quite possible to use the cream after shaving, only keep in mind, for sensitive skin the cream should be diluted a little with water.

Organic cosmetics are quite popular today. I can’t shout to you: “Don’t you dare use it!»Nevertheless, I recommend not to use! Organic cosmetics most often contains animal hormones, the skin reaction is not predictable to such cosmetics. Perhaps the first time the result will be amazing, however, it is possible that over time you will regret deeply about using such cosmetics.