Chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy

Pyelonephritis is a dangerous disease in which inflammation of the tissues of the kidneys and urinary tract occurs. Pyelonephritis is divided into acute and chronic and, according to doctors, the most dangerous is the combination of chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy, since this is precisely this is most often found in pregnant women. Moreover, pregnant women make up a risk group, chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy is more common than just chronic pyelonephritis.

According to the latest data, chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy are combined in 6-10% of cases. This disease is infectious, it is caused by microbes that develop in the tissues of the body. Under the normal conditions of its functioning, the human body has protection against these microbes, during pregnancy in the body of a woman, changes occur regarding the work of all internal organs. In turn, the tone of the ureters, the bladder and urethra, which contributes to the unhindered penetration of infection, is also reduced.

As stated above, chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy represents a greater risk than acute pyelonephritis, since chronic pyelonephritis flows almost asymptomatic. And only with an exacerbation of the disease, manifestations similar to symptoms of acute pyelonephritis occur: pain in the lower back, fever, clouding of urine. When such symptoms appear, you must urgently consult a doctor.

Chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy: risk degree.

Experts distinguish between three degrees of risk of pyelonephritis:

– uncomplicated acute pyelonephritis that developed during pregnancy. As a rule, with timely and proper treatment, such pyelonephritis does not pose a threat either to the health of the mother or the health of the child;

– The second degree of risk – chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy – exacerbation. In this case, pyelonephritis washes the cause of complications during pregnancy (in 20-30% of cases), but if there are no complications, then the pregnancy proceeds normally, if the complications are serious, then they pose a real threat to pregnancy.

– The third degree of risk is chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy complicated by renal failure and hypertension. In this case, the normal development of pregnancy can only be with normal operation of at least one of the kidneys. In other cases, pregnancy is generally contraindicated.

Chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy: prevention.

Pay enough attention to this survey. Chronic pyelonephritis and pregnancy require compliance with all personal hygiene measures, full nutrition and walking in the fresh air (without hypothermia).

If the exacerbation could not be avoided, you must consult a doctor in order to get qualified assistance.