Choosing the color of the wallpaper for the bathroom

There are many modern types of wallpaper – wallpaper for coloring, textile, vinyl, paper, liquid, as well as wallpaper with embossing. The cheapest are paper wallpapers, because of this they look unpresentable in appearance. As a rule, the color of glass wallpaper for the bathroom choose neutral and calm. Too rich and bright color looks aggressive. To be indoors with such wallpaper becomes tiring. Black color is also not advisable to use in the bathroom (with the exception of cases that the bathroom is very large), as it makes the room too gloomy. If the bathroom is made in the appropriate style, then black and white, red and black color will be well combined here. Glass wallpaper beige, blue or pink colors are perfect for almost any interior. A great advantage has painting wallpapers (glass wallpaper of all types can be painted using special paint). Their basis can be repainted many times. The most presentable tapestry and textile wallpaper look, but they are expensive. Their use in the bathroom is recommended when the wall, which is pasted with this type of wallpaper, will be far from the water source, and the bathroom has a good hood.