Choosing the best budget sedan

Like it or not, some of the most popular and sold cars in Russia are sedans. The market is simply littered with offers from various companies about the sale of new models. In today, I wanted to consider and choose the best sedan of 2012, the cost of which ranges from 450 – 650 thousand rubles. Among such cars, the leading positions are occupied by Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Kia Rio and Hyundai Solaris, but they have another competitor in the person of Chevrolet Aveo. Let’s see how these four cars differ from each other and let’s probably start with a leader in the sedan class in our opinion.

Volksvagen Polo Sedan

The new version of the Volksvagen Polo sedan appeared in 2010 and immediately gained popularity among motorists of all ages and gender. It was possible to achieve a part of such popularity thanks to the Volksvagen emblem, cost and high assembly quality. The appearance is made in the general style of the company, in the stream, looking in the rear mirror of Polo can be confused with older models such as Jetta or Golf. The cost of Volkswagen Polo Sedan 2012 starts from a mark of 430,000 rubles for an engine of 1. 6 liters and a manual gearbox. The most complete modification will cost a potential owner of 620,000 rubles for a car with an automatic transmission.

Hyundai Solaris

South Korean compact sedan, the cost of which varies between 440,000 – 660,000 rubles. Recall that Hyundai Solaris has been produced since the beginning of 2011 and in the same 2011 the car was recognized as the best -selling foreign car. If the German sedan for the most part is chosen by older motorists, then younger consumers give preference to Solaris, t. To. Hyundai has a more youth design. The potential owner has the opportunity to choose engines, unlike the same Polo sedan. Hyundai offers power units with a volume of 1. 4 to 1. 6 liters with a capacity of 107 to 123 liters. With. and two types of transmission-5th mechanics and 4th machine.

Kia Rio

The third player among budget sedans is Kia Rio 2011 model year. In Russia, the car is available in seven modifications, the basic version with a 1 gasoline engine of 1. 4 liters with a capacity of 107 l. With. and a mechanical gearbox will cost 470 00 rubles. The cost of the maximum configuration of Rio with a gasoline engine 1. 6 with a capacity of 123 liters. With. and an automatic 4-step box starts from a mark of 660,000 rubles. Externally, the car is just as attractive that Solaris, the only thing that the buyer may not like is alloy wheels.

Chevrolet Aveo

Although the Chevrolet Aveo recently appeared on sale in the territory of the Russian Federation, you can say with full confidence that this model will be very popular. Externally, the car is more suitable for young motorists, personally it reminds us of the Japanese sedan Mitsubishi Lancer, especially this similarity is noticeable when considering the front optics. Recall that Chevrolet Aveo is a Korean car with an American badge. In Russia, the 2012 sedan is supplied in 5 modifications, the cost of the basic version starts from a mark of 444,000 rubles per engine 1. 6 with a capacity of 115 horsepower and 5 stepped mechanics. The cost of a top version with an automatic transmission starts from a mark of 556,000 rubles.