Choosing glass cutter for home

Sooner or later, there is a need for glass work in any house. If you need to cut glass of a certain size, glass cutter will help you – a hand tool that should have every home master. Today, the consumer offers a wide selection of glass cutters in various price categories. It should be noted that the cheapest models are made of low-quality alloys and their service life is limited 1-2 times of application.

The most durable and common in use are diamond and roller models of glass cutters. Let us dwell on the characteristics of each of them:

1. Diamond glass cutter

Its working tool is a very small diamond. Modern models use both natural and synthetic diamonds, the latter have less cost and excellent cutting characteristics.

Diamond glass cutters have a restriction on the thickness of the cut glass – up to 6mm, but this is usually a sufficient indicator for use at home. The average operation of the diamond tip is 1000 meters of glass. The head with diamond grain can be replaced as it grows down.

2. Roller glass cutter

In this model of glass cutters, tungsten-cobalt rollers act as a working tool. A roller with a diameter of 6, 6 mm, can cut about 350 meters of glass no thicker than 1-4 mm.

If the cutting process (or how to say correctly: “controlled breaking”), it is necessary to produce up to 16 mm thick on glass, an oil roller cutter will come to the rescue. The oil lubricant supplied from the tank on the tank handle will provide a smooth movement of the roller and increase its service life.

How is the cutting of glass?

On a flat, preferably upholstered matter, surface, a clean piece of glass intended for cutting is placed. Holding glass cutter like a ballpoint pen, they are drawn on glass using a line for the evenness of the line.

It can only be drawn along the line of cut, so it should be remembered that roller glass cutters require a stronger press than diamond. Along the resulting line-tsarapin, with the help of pliers is produced by a glass of glass.