Choosing a washbasin in the bathroom

A modern washbasin is that thing (device) without which almost all of humanity will not do. The product is distinguished by its form, material (now washbasins are made for almost every taste) and design. There are designs of marble washbasins, they look like a work of art.

The most common materials for manufacturing are a plumbing type of ceramics and porcelain, glass, marble crumbs.

The method of installing the washbasin is also different. Washes are on pedestals, but there are also stands. There are designs that are attached on brackets, but there are those that are located on the shelves.

The usual sink is attached to the brackets. There is a type of washbasins that is located on a pedestal type of tulip. Using this design, you can easily hide the pipe and siphon unnecessary for the eyes.

If the license plate is fastened, then it can be made two -story, to close the entire drain system, and get an additional place in order to store the necessary things.