Ceramic Tiles for Bathroom

Recently, ceramic tiles are used to decorate a wide variety of rooms: from hallway to children’s rooms. But not everyone is ready to go to such design experiments, traditionally believing that the best place for tiles is a bathroom.

Partly, this statement is true, because it is in the bathroom that ceramic tiles look most natural, perfectly forming the interior of the room. Today, ceramic tiles for the bathroom can be of various colors and shades, so there is something to choose from.

The assortment of the modern market of finishing materials offers us a huge selection of ceramic tiles for the bathroom, which differs among themselves in shape, size, drawing, etc. D. However, the main thing for facing tiles, which will be used to repair the bathroom, is its low porosity and water heating, as well as high acid resistance. That is, ceramic tiles should be moisture -resistant, durable and environmentally friendly – remember this when choosing finishing materials for your bathroom.

For the bathroom, ceramic tiles, in most cases, are the main element of the decor. She sets the tone and style of the future interior, so it should be more than responsible for her choice. When choosing ceramic tiles in a bath, pay attention to the quality of the drawing – an image with large points suggests that you have low quality ceramic tiles.

The same is evidenced by the uneven reverse side of the tile: cracks, hollows and pores. The high level of porosity of ceramic tiles for the bathroom indicates its high water absorption, and, therefore, low maximum strength – this is especially important for the bathroom where air humidity is maximum. The best choice for a bath is a glazed tile with minimal porosity.

As a rule, tinted or homogeneous ceramic tiles are used for the bathroom, as well as tiles, which is collected from several parts in the original pattern. Such peculiar tile panels are framed by special tone tiles and become the main decorative highlight of the room.

Fashion is a bad adviser when choosing a ceramic tile for the bathroom, because repairs in this room are made not one year, and a picture that has gone out of fashion or color can easily turn into a daily factor annoying you. The most optimal option for the bathroom is a plain or uncomplicated patterns of ceramic tiles of light classic tones that will help you relax and fully enjoy water procedures.