Ceramic tile care

To ensure the durability of ceramic tiles, not only the choice of high -quality tiles and its proper styling are equally important, but also observing the care of it.

For example, not all consumers know that you can clean the tile only with the help of special means.

When caring for tiles, the use of strong detergents is prohibited. Such substances can damage the tile seams and destroy the tile. To protect the seams, they are best treated with sealant, which has high resistance to chemical influences. The use of abrasive substances is not recommended when cleaning tiles, as they can destroy the glossy surface of the tile.

Even with unstable cleaning of the coating of such substances, chips and scratches appear on it, which spoil the appearance of the decoration. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner, rag or natural bristle for cleaning pollution.

To care for not glazed tiles, it is better not to fight pollution, but to warn them. For this, special liquid covering substances are sold in stores specializing in the tiles that prevent the penetration of pollution into the structure of the tiles.

To care for floor tiles, it is necessary to prevent powder, dust and sand on it. These substances are abrasive and very quickly lead to damage to the outer layer of tiles. Therefore, at the entrance to the house, it is advisable to lay the rug, and the wet cleaning of the floor is carried out as often as possible.

Ceramic tiles are, in general, a strong, reliable, and durable coating and is not whimsical in care. However, if you do not adhere to the rules described above, then the tile may lose its luxurious appearance and will cause the owner the desire to replace the coating.

Therefore, tile care measures should be adhered to, especially since they will not find a good housewife at all.