Caureerization and lamination

In the last article, I accidentally mentioned lamination and cauterization of hair. I once told me about lamination already once, but still I remind you. Hair lamination is a procedure that consists of three or four phases: first, the hair is washed with a special shampoo (which improves the appearance of the hair and their condition), after which the hair is exposed to hot effects, that is, it is directly covered with a special film, then the cold phase is applied, then the cold phase is applied. which fixes the previous and finally, the last mousse for shine. In general, hair lamination is not a healing procedure, this is a procedure that allows you to protect the hair from external effects nothing more.   Yes, the hair looks better, but if you have dry, brittle hair, then after three days the whole effect of lamination will be completely washed off.

That is why it is recommended to carry out the course of the cauterization before lamination. Caureerization is a hot reconstruction. As far as I remember, there are also about four phases and the main goal of caulterization is hair treatment. Caurealization should be carried out every two weeks four times in the amount.

Now a little about prices in the beauty salon for this procedure. Lamination – from 100. 000 Belarusian rubles. Not everyone can afford every three weeks, especially if you are a student, you will have not to starve, but to draw money. Caulerization -from 150. 000 Belarusian rubles is disposable, and you need to make it 4 times! That is 600. 000 at least two months. … No comments.

Of course, I really really want both to start and lamination, and then lamination, but since I am not a billionaire, but I was not going to give up, I decided to look for workarounds. And found! Caureerization at home and lamination at home. Yes, for this you will have to purchase funds for that and for that – you think that it will turn out the same in price? You are mistaken! Of course, finding funds was not at all easy, but still I succeeded. For caulterization:

1) shampoo

2) serum

3) Mask

4) Spray

Total amount, if we take maximum volumes – 350. 000 rubles and this is six times! Moreover, if you add a nutrient mask here, at a price of 80. 000 Belarusian rubles (maximum volume), then you will support the effect of couterization for a long time! … Of course, this is not 20. 000, but still this is not 600. 000 thousand, besides, you care about yourself.

As for lamination, then here all this happened to me at all in 100. 000 Belarusian rubles, and enough, I think, at least six months, here is a link. I have already acquired cosmetics for lamination of hair, there is still not enough funds for cauterization, as soon as I buy it and I will tell you how to do it.