Cascading mixers for the bathroom, shells and showers

In their internal design, cascading bath mixers and shells are similar to ordinary mixers, however, there are some technical differences, like greater bandwidth due to a larger section. As for the external structure, cascading mixers significantly surpass the usual in their sizes and have different forms.

Also, a distinctive feature of cascading mixers is increased throughput, several times larger than the usual. In some cases, manufacturers of a cascade mixer focus on its design, and not on functionality. Thanks to the design features of cascading mixers, any options for their location on the bath and any options for the location of the cranes and shower nozzles are possible relative to the excess.

There are cascading faucets that are an integral part of exclusive bathtub models, as well as exclusive cascades having their own, unique, style. For showers, there is also a huge variety of cascading mixers of various bandwidth (maximum 300 liters per minute Bodyspa from Kohler) and style orientation (up to miniature waterfalls).

The main manufacturers of cascading mixers are companies such as SuperGrif, Kohler, HansGrone, Jacouszi and some others. Nowadays, all authoritative manufacturers of mixers have in their assortment cascading faucets that are an exclusive and expensive designer product. With the help of cascading mixers, a person again tries to become closer to nature, feel under the jets of a real waterfall, while having the opportunity to make the pressure and temperature of the water comfortable for himself.