Capital repair of buildings and its types

The overhaul of buildings is considered to be repairs, thanks to which they make strengthening or replacement of worn structures and equipment. Replacement of worn structures and equipment is made by stronger products that improve their operational qualities. But in this type of repair work there is an exception. The exception is to replace all parts of the main structures, such as all types of walls, concrete and stone foundations, frames, and so on. Overhaul is divided into selective (this is when they repair individual structures) and complex. Most often, comprehensive major repairs are used for the entire building as a whole. It is this type of repair that is considered the main type of overhaul. This type of repair consists of redevelopment, replacement of worn structures, increasing improvement. As for the selective overhaul, it is produced in buildings in satisfactory condition, while some of the structures and equipment are worn out and are in terrible state. That is, such designs are necessary either to strengthen or replace. Naturally, the repair of these structures should be carried out, first of all,.