Building the foundation for cottages

Cottage construction is very developed in our country. More and more new directions in suburban areas are mastered. Moreover, in spite of an increase in the number of construction companies, more and more often, the construction of a private house is done personally. And if you have the capabilities, time and the necessary knowledge, then you should not create a cottage of your dreams.

The first stage in the construction of the cottage – the construction of the foundation should be carried out as thoughtfully as possible, since the future stability of your building depends on this important element. It must be remembered that repairing the foundation after the construction of the house has begun is a very difficult occupation, which takes a lot of time and effort and is definitely not feasible without special knowledge inherent only to professionals. If there is such an opportunity, it is best to entrust the construction of the foundation to professionals.

The type of foundation depends on the weight of the future structure and soil states. Of course, if a heavy brick house is built, and besides, also on very weak soil, then you will need to build a foundation that has maximum strength and provide the best pressure distribution as possible. In this case, a tile foundation is suitable, which is a single massive plate located under the entire area of ​​the building. Such a foundation acts like a stand, providing your building with maximum protection with seasonal movements of the soil, as well as reducing pressure on the soil to minimal values, even in heavy brick buildings. The construction of the foundation should always begin with the preparation of the project, without this, any construction work is strictly not recommended. That is why we advise you to seek help from professionals, since it is very, very difficult to draw up a foundation project on your own. This procedure includes a mandatory examination of the soil, during which the types and number of layers, the thickness of each layer, their supporting ability, as well as the level of groundwater occurrence are revealed. Based on these data, the choice of one or another foundation is made. Having a foundation plan in your hands, it will be much easier for you to look for a contractor to create it, and also easier to control the costs. After all, the construction of the foundation, in some cases, is able to make a very, very significant share of the total amount spent on the construction of the house.

Each foundation should be effectively protected from moisture, especially in cases where you plan to build a basement or basement floor. Usually, a layer of crushed stone or other similar material is poured into the foundation pit for the foundation, which will play the role of a pillow and to a certain extent, level the moving of the soil under the building. The thickness of the crushed stone layer directly depends on the weight of the future structure.