Breastfeeding the problem

Nothing can replace the baby milk that mother gives him. Breastfeeding is the key that your baby will receive all the necessary substances. However, breastfeeding the problem can also have. To avoid them or find a way to solve them, you need to know about them.

So, breastfeeding the problem.

Breastfeeding the problem: Nipples.

During breastfeeding, mom may experience unpleasant sensations and even pain, as the nipples cracked and bleeding. The reason for the injury should be found and breastfeeding the problem is eliminated, otherwise the moment may come when you cannot feed the child at all. The reasons may be improper application, non -compliance with the rules of breast skin care, damage to the skin of the nipples when accumulating with a dairy.

Breastfeeding the problem: lactostasis.

Lactostasis (in other words, stagnation of milk) can occur in the case of clogging of the duct leading to one of the lobes of the mammary gland, as a result of which it ceases to be freed from milk. To eliminate breastfeeding the problem of applying the baby to the chest, it is necessary to fuse and the main thing is to do this correctly, to choose the right pose for feeding (so that the child’s nose and chin are directed to the place where the seal was formed).

Breastfeeding the problem: mastitis.

Mastitis is a more serious problem and it is not worth delaying with its solution. Arises as a consequence of lactostasis. However, you can’t cope with mastitis yourself, therefore, the sooner you consult a doctor, the better it will be for you. The specialist will prescribe treatment and soon breastfeeding the problem will be eliminated.

Breastfeeding the problem: Milk lack.

This feeling is familiar to many mothers. The chest becomes softer, the baby is not gaining weight. These signs can indeed be evidence of the lack of milk. However, there is no reason for concern if the baby pisses 12-18 times a day (boys) or 10-16 times (girls). If not, then there may be several reasons for the lack of milk: feeding is not on demand, the mother consumes not enough or, conversely, too much liquid, mother gets too tired.

Breastfeeding the problem: mom’s disease.

The opinion that mother, sick, should immediately refuse breastfeeding, mistakenly. Most of the diseases are absolutely not a contraindication for breastfeeding, but if you need to take the medicine, then feeding needs to be interrupted, but only for a while. A child at this time can be fed with frozen melted milk.

Breastfeeding the problem: abdominal pain in a child.

Even breast milk cannot guarantee a complete absence of digestive problems in the baby. To reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, pay attention to your diet, reduce the consumption of sweets, cabbage, legumes. Do light massage (light stroking clockwise) tummy.