Bitchy phrases

Bitch – character or acquired and honed skill? Tribute, life necessity or ambitious move?   Doesn’t matter. If you are a bitch, and you are comfortable in this feeling of yourself – it means that it is to be. By definition, it is clear that someone else’s opinion on this issue will be of little interest to you. Well, if you are not a bitch, then do not try to become it. You are already good that you are not her. Is it worth it to measure someone else’s mask under the influence of fashion and pathos motto from the covers of books about bitchy life?

Bitchy phrases very popular today’s search query. Someone installs bitchy phrases as a status on social networks, someone puts them in life. Only whether it is possible to become a bitch, just using bitchy phrases? I doubt. After all, the bitch is, first of all, the image that consists of the finest details of the rough finish. Taking only sharp bitchy phrases, you will not become a bitch, but to raise your mood, reading them – it is quite real. Therefore, smile.

So, a little bitchy phrases on the seed:

I am a fairy! I can face it, but I can also give it to!

Think, the wind is in my head! But the thoughts in it are always fresh.

Audacity second happiness. The first is me…  

If you want to get breakfast in bed, go to bed in the kitchen.

It is much more profitable for a woman to be able to use non -bitchy phrases, but men and developing circumstances in their favor, no matter how rude it sounds. Instead of bitchy phrases, it will help you achieve this goal, of course, love for yourself, the most intelligent and beautiful. Add a few notes to this main dish: chic clothes, impeccable appearance, self -confidence and unshakability of the belief that you are the center of this universe. The need to use bitchy phrases will simply disappear. Leave them to young girls on the statuses “In contact”.

If you decide to reincarnate into a bitch, then in any business the main thing is a systematic approach. Someone to look spectacular and shakar-nothing costs, in terms of moral forces, of course. Someone in life looks, and most importantly, feels, and therefore gives himself, is much easier than she would like. Is it worth changing yourself and in this case – the question is controversial, but if you really want to, go to your goal step by step, day after day. Hit every detail in your appearance, your perseverance will surely give fruits.

Returning to the issue of using bitchy phrases, it can be noted that if they are occasionally used in a conversation, this will give you some piquancy. The main thing is not to overdo it, remember the monkey with glasses from Krylov’s fable: “.. then they will press them to the room, then they will string them on the tail, then they will smell them, then they are linked. Glasses do not work in any way “? Where and no matter how you use bitchy phrases, it is important not to look like a notorious monkey. This is not a real woman, and it doesn’t matter whether she is a bitch or just wants to seem to her.