Bay leaf during pregnancy

Of course, children are joy and happiness. However, it sometimes happens that a woman becomes pregnant, not wanting that for any reason. In this case, we can say that this condition is incredibly difficult for her, because the termination of pregnancy in different ways today is incredibly relevant. However, this was the case earlier (some women use barbaric or invalid methods for this, for example, bay leaf). Often future mothers who do not want to become such are trying to kill the fetus in a variety of ways. Of course, it is best to contact a professional clinic where a qualified doctor will be able to have an abortion. However, such an operation costs a lot, because often women and girls try to resort to folk remedies. Some time ago, iodine with milk was often used, but now the myth was born that the bay leaf during pregnancy is able to interrupt the latter.

The use of bay leaf during pregnancy

In fact, many say that during pregnancy it is not recommended to use bay leaf, since it can very much harm the unborn child. Such a statement really has real reasons that speak of his justice. The fact is that the bay leaf during pregnancy can cause uterine contractions, and this, of course, does not promise anything good to the child. Moreover, if you take a bay leaf during pregnancy in large quantities, then you can provoke not just problems, but even a miscarriage. In addition, he is able to significantly harm not only the fetus, but also the woman herself, and it is not only about violation of the state of health, but also that bay leaf during pregnancy can lead to the fact that a woman will become barren.

However, if you intentionally strive to terminate pregnancy, then do not use bay leaf or resort to any other folk remedy. After all, statistics suggest that the probability of termination of pregnancy with a bay leaf is very small, and instead you only crush the baby not born. Anyway, you should not use herbs to treat various diseases, of course, this helps someone, but destroys the lives of even more people. In general, we note once again that the bay leaf during pregnancy is aborted to the latter, most likely, will not be able to. But the fact that he will harm the child, provoking ugliness or mental retardation, is very likely. So think several times before condemning a little man to suffering and flour.

Whether our ancestors used the bay leaf during pregnancy

Note that even the ancients did not use the bay leaf during pregnancy as a method of interruption. It was used with a slightly different purpose. So, our ancestors knew that the bay leaf is able to speed up the onset of menstruation, that is, it can be called such an ancient pregnancy test. And today, the fact that the bay leaf cannot terminate the pregnancy is proved scientifically. However, remember that pregnant women are strictly forbidden to use this seasoning, you need to constantly. And the reason is not that the bay leaf will interrupt the pregnancy, but that he is able to make this condition with real horror and a nightmare, because the mother will be forced to experience a lot of health problems, and the child will most likely be born with deviations.

What is fraught with the use of bay leaf during pregnancy

And although they say that the bay leaf can terminate the pregnancy, you should not believe these tales. He cannot do this, but to give a considerable portion of suffering, both a woman and her child, easily. If you are faced with the need to get rid of the child, then consult a doctor who will provide you with qualified help and help you choose the best way to solve your problem.

However, do not forget that going against nature is always dangerous, and even if you do everything right, guarantees that you will not encounter any complications, no one can give you. The only objective reason for the termination of pregnancy can be medical indicators, but if they are not there, then the bay leaf or something else is not worth using.