Baths from cellulite

Folk skin care products are as effective as expensive procedures in elite beauty salons. Among them, a variety of baths from cellulite occupy a worthy place. Water with useful ingredients has a beneficial effect on the bumps and tubercles of affected areas of the skin, accelerates blood circulation and removes excessive fluid.

Several examples of cellulite baths from the simplest ingredients:

Bath “sea”

It is necessary to dissolve 250-300 grams of sea salt and plunge into the man-made “sea” for 15-20 minutes, no more-salt with prolonged exposure irritates the skin.

In this case, the metabolism is accelerated and toxins are excreted.

Bath with lemon

For such a procedure, it is better to warm up mineral water in advance and insist 7 lemons cut into thin slices in it. After a few hours, pour the infusion into warm water and lie in it for about 30 minutes. The healing substances of lemon affect cellulite and at the same time make the skin whiter.

Soda bath

In warm water, 250 grams of sea salt and baking soda, a whole pack are dissolved.

It must be taken into account that there are its own characteristics: in an hour and a half, it is not recommended to consume liquid; The chest area should be above the water; During the procedure, drink tea or broth from herbs, for example, from chamomile. The bath is designed for 10-15 minutes. After it, you need to lie down for half an hour, hiding in a blanket, and only then take a shower.

According to many who have done such a procedure, with its help, the phenomenon of the cellulite “orange crust” on the hips quickly disappear. The saturated solution removes excess fluid and opens pores.

Oil baths

They are prepared using essential oils that aromatize water.

Add a handful of sea salt and a little essential oil to warm water, 7-8 drops. It can be grapefruit oil, orange or lemon. Take 15-20 minutes.

Citrus fruits are well absorbed into the skin, normalize the metabolism and cleanse it from toxins.

Bath “Orange Water”

Grind five or six oranges in a mixer and mix with a quarter of a glass of olive oil and two tablespoons of sea salt. Place the mixture in a fabric bag, substitute it under a warm stream of water and pour a bath. During bathing (20 minutes), this bag will be in the water. It is not necessary to get under the shower immediately after taking the bath – let the action of healing orange water last.

A few advice of experts

– For greater effectiveness before the procedure, you can first clean the skin with a scrub. – It is not recommended to take a bath after abundant food. – The water temperature should be about 37 degrees, almost the same as body temperature. – After the therapeutic bath you need to rest for 15-20 minutes. – Experts believe that almond oil is the most effective natural moisturizer for dry skin. – The benefits of baths from cellulite will increase with a balanced diet and physical exercises.