Bath assembly and installation

At home, a new bath that has recently been purchased has to be collected. For some people, this will seem very simple, but for some – no. In order to make it easier to do this, you should see the instructions that indicate where to fasten the legs, where to fasten the handles. Particular attention should be paid to the installation of a siphon, which consists of many spare parts, which include sealing rings and another.

Installing the bath traditionally, in the corner, you need to move it closer to the wall. This must be done so that it is more stable. When to gain it full and still plus the mass of the human body is a decent weight. Because of this, it is necessary to make stops and attaching the legs reliably. After installation, it is necessary to fill the bath with completely water and see if the distance between the bathroom and the hay changed. If this happens, then this distance must be closed. Next, the seam can be disguised using decorative tiles, or a specially bought special side.

The installed bath can be adjusted with the help of legs, checking its position, excluding distortions.

After the bath is exhibited, they connect a siphon. When connecting, we must remember the attentiveness of the assembly and not forget at the end, do sealing. After installation, it is necessary to make a control drain, look at the presence of leaks or smell.