Bagging busting, like a nuance of a beautiful decor

The so -called “stucco molding” some time ago was made of heavy material, such as gypsum. Fixing such elements was a very difficult work. Previously, I had to use cement and dowel for fastening. And then make thorough putty or grinding. Today, gluing such a product as a baguette will be much easier, since it is made of a material called polystyrene.

Since the foam has a fairly small structure, its fasteners will make up the usual glue or putty. As glue, you can use a mixture called “liquid nails”.

Bagets glue quite simply. First, glue should be applied to the back of the product. The layer should be done as thicker as possible. Когда клеевой состав застынет, то  багет помещают на свое место, хорошо сжимая его. After that, you need to go to gluing the next element.

Thus, glue all the elements around the entire perimeter of the room. It must be remembered that if the ceiling and walls are not perfect, then each flaw of the wall should not be repeated, but each flaw must be repeated, attracting the baguette to the walls too tightly.