Art Parquet: Dignines and features

Artistic parquet (palace, mosaic, carved) is non -standard, therefore its manufacture is carried out in the factory, but the work is performed according to specially developed drawings.

Art parquet is made of valuable wood, most often, deciduous. For artistic parquet, wood is perfect: pear, walnut, alder, tis, boxwood. Original patterns on the floor are made by inlaying the main background of the tree with pink amaranth, black eben wood, palm.

Artistic parquet is a certain composition of drawings in which individual figures and elements are repeated. Artistic parquet can be picturesque and fit perfectly into the interior of any room, while its pattern is not repeated and most often represents a continuous ornament.

Artistic parquet in terms of technology is made in two ways:

1. Use for the manufacture of art parquet Marketri. Marketri is a set of drawings located on individual strips, which are tightly adjusted to one another.

2. Use to create an artistic parquet, is the presence on the main background made of one wood breed, artistically designed inserts from other woody species, and the background and inserts have different texture, and the inserts are cut to a depth of 15-22 mm of the main wood background.

The manufacturing technique of art parquet depends on the composition of the drawing. The nature of the pattern of decorative flooring should be in harmony with the pattern and texture of the walls and ceiling of the room. Shields of art parquet can have different sizes, as a rule, it depends on the dimensional characteristics of the room. Most often, shields of square handicap are used, 400×400 mm in size, 600×600 mm; and 800×800 mm. As a rule, such sizes are multiple of the floor area on which they are laid.

Artistic parquet having a geometric pattern should contain fasteners – this is a frisky floor design. The length of wall frizes and the length of the main shield are equal, the width of the wall shields differs, most often it is half the width of the main. Artistic parquet on such shields is very similar to the frame – this is facilitated by bordering the drawing. It is also worth mentioning that art parquet has borders and sockets, which are original combined with simple and complex parquet drawings, as well as classic drawings.