Apartment renovation

If the decision is made, and repairs in the apartment should be carried out soon, then it is necessary to clearly understand what kind of appearance it will suit you most. Otherwise, this case threatens to drag on an indefinite period or not to be of high -quality. There are many services on the market, but all of them can be reduced to three types.

Cosmetic type of repair.

This type of repair is the simplest and does not require large costs. His task includes finishing work, not always affecting different designs, plumbing pipelines and electrical wiring.

The main purpose of cosmetic repairs is the elimination of defects that were allowed during the previous decoration that appeared during the operation of the premises. Cosmetic type of work is the alignment of walls, as well as ceilings with their further painting and pasting. Replacement of flooring and skirting boards, platbands. It is also possible to replace plumbing.

Cosmetic type of repair will take little time. It can be done during the vacation period. If you have time and some experience, then you can do this type of work yourself.

Cosmetic repairs are made in a room that does not need major repairs. This is necessary in order to refresh the decor of the apartment, to bring a new design.