Engineers always seek to minimize the mass of the car, and thereby immediately improve the parameters according to the dynamic characteristics of the suspension. This affects the level of security along with the dynamics of the car as a whole. In this case, a light -replaced disk can help us. Typically, any of the constructive innovations is “rolled up” on the sports highway. Then, aluminum discs began to be used only on expensive, prestigious cars, and after that they found themselves on standard serial versions of cars, since almost everyone wants to buy discs.

According to athletes, aluminum discs are considered much safer for drivers than steel. In addition, there is an important argument – thus, the suspension operation is facilitated and its service life is increased. The design of aluminum disks will give a car to a unique car – this is also extremely important. The cost of such discs is also quite acceptable. So what to opt for the purchase?

In this case, there are three main criteria – these are manufacturing technologies, along with technical parameters and disk design. You can find wheels of both forged and cast. Forged samples are created by means of hot volumetric stamping, while casting – by casting method along with surface processing. In the process of manufacturing the disk in the first case, the process of production itself will be greatly simplified, and the possibility of forming the latest form will be reduced. In the second method, such shortcomings are already absent. It requires additional costs for processing discs. According to experts, forged discs will still be more durable than cast products. There are also many combined discs. In this case, there is a section on the connection between the forged and cast component of the disk with special bolts.

In the list, according to the technical characteristics of the disk, you can find its dimensions along with the drilling, as well as the departure and maximum load that the disk will withstand. The size standard is marked as two indicators in inches – 5. 5 inches for 13. If the first digit is the width of the disk, then the second is the planting with a dimeter for the corresponding types of rubber.

The drill means the placement and the number of fastening holes for the car hub, it is recorded as p. C. D. 5/108. The number 5 is the number of fasteners, and 108 – with a diameter.