Airport Sharm El Sheikh

Egyptian Airport Sharm El Sheikh, located 18 km. from the city of the same name, – the second in scale in Egypt. Annually it serves about ten million. passengers. The airport is in a very favorable place: in the south of the Sinai Peninsula, in the center of the resorts and right on the Red Sea coast.

Airport history

The airport was opened in 1968. However, at first the military base of Israel was located here. The name was: “Officer International Airport”. In 1978. An agreement was reached at the summit in America, and soon, in 1979. A truce has been signed between Egypt and Israel. Soon the airport transferred to Egypt. Today Sharm El Sheikh is one of the largest in the world. It has three terminals (the first was opened in 2007., And the third – in 2012.), VIP zone, numerous stores, including souvenir, exchange points, branches of large banks, tourist companies, telephone and post offices, a huge number of cafes, luggage storage rooms, car rental points. Signs at the airport can be found in Arabic, English, as well as in Russian.

Chain of Sharm-El Sheikh routes

Continuous flights from the airport to large cities of Europe and the Middle East, as well as to the capital of Egypt, the city of Cairo, is carried out by the airport route network. Rating and landing are made from two three -kilometer stripes. Constant improvement in service infrastructure does not stop the flow of tourists to this airport. They fly here from Western and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS countries, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. The vast majority of flights fall on charter flights.

Airport capabilities

This airport is able to accept all the existing types of passenger ships. It is equipped with the last modern technique. In addition, modern navigation equipment is able to provide all the necessary services for the convenience and safety of the flights carried out at the world level. Over fifty aircraft per day-the capacity of the charm El Sheikh! Due to the fairly large distances between the cities of Egypt and Africa, as well as the absence of railway tracks, a large number of internal flights are carried out. Due to cheap Egyptian fuel, ticket prices in internal directions are quite acceptable. This does not apply to tourists arriving in Egypt from around the world. Since the summer of this year, a tax of seven US dollars has been levied. But despite the innovation, the popularity of this airport is not decreasing. The main operating carrier is the airline Egypt Air and Air Memphis.

On registration of passengers

Registration of passengers and baggage design for sorties on the interior lines begins in two hours, and ends forty minutes before departure. For international flights, registration begins in two hours thirty minutes and ends forty minutes before departure. For registration, a ticket and a passport are required, if you bought an electronic ticket, you will need only a passport.

Taxi rates

Directly opposite the terminals there are parking cars, stops for public transport and taxi. The prices for taxi services are quite reasonable, although by Arab standards they are somewhat overstated. Taxi drivers are usually inferior to customers. The fare is calculated based on the remote place of location, multiplied by two. One km. The paths will cost you about one local pound. The time difference is with the capital of Russia: in winter – minus two hours, and in the summer – minus one hour.