Aerated concrete – building material of the future

The gas concrete blocks are the building material of the future, which has a number of advantages over brick or reinforced concrete masonry. First of all, a gas concrete block is much easier, with a similar size of a finished house, brick masonry will be approximately four times heavier. As a result of this, the time of erecting the box decreases three times, and we all know that time is money. Their additional savings are felt during transportation, as most carriers take payment for tonnage.

Secondly, aerated concrete has excellent thermal insulation exceeding the pine beam by almost double. This effect is achieved thanks to the air concluded in concrete pores. A high degree of heat accumulation will be an indisputable plus, which can significantly save money on heating the house during strong cold.

Of course, many may have doubts about the harmlessness of such a perfect and profitable building material. But all these doubts are devoid of any reason. In terms of environmental properties, aerated concrete is practically not distinguished from natural material – wood, while additionally possessing the properties of natural stone. The unique porous structure allows the masonry to “breathe”, which favorably affects the amount of oxygen in your country house.

Aerated concrete blocks do not emit harmful substances into the environment and does not have components unfavorable to human health. An additional advantage over wood is that such houses do not require special care and are not fully subject to corrosion and rotting.

To give your house a more fashionable look, you can faced a gas concrete box with facade bricks. No less good such a house will look with a layered plaster.

The last tangible advantage of aerated concrete over wood, its complete fire safety, which exceeds even brick and reinforced concrete masonry. Studies show that when exposed to fire, aerated concrete not only does not lend itself to destruction, but also increases its strength by 85%.

Thus, there are no doubt when choosing this material for the construction of your home. And the best guarantee of the quality of this material is its widespread use in developed countries in Europe.