Advantages of epoxy

The most popular type of polymer coverage of floors is epoxy, it also won the championship because it was invented before the rest of the polymers. Epoxy resin is settled on hard metal and wooden structures, forming a seamless thick coating that withstands the effect of abrasive substances, active liquids and large loads.

Typically, epoxy floors are used in hospitals, kindergartens, schools, in workshops with high humidity, garages, multi -level parking lots and at the food and pharmaceutical industries. Using epoxy floors, sanitary and hygienic norms can be observed in closed rooms and avoid sliding with increased humidity.

However, you should not use this type of coating in rooms where shock deformation takes place, because, compared with polyurethane floors, do not have the necessary elasticity. It should be remembered that due to some fragility, when the flooring moves, a crack in the epoxy can occur. However, this insignificant drawback cannot block all the undoubted advantages of this polymer coating.