A chocolate cake recipe

You like sweet dishes, cakes, different desserts, but you are too lazy to cook for a long time and dreary? The recipe of your favorite cake is very long and confused? In the end, you can always buy ready -made cakes and cook only cream. In this article we will consider some very simple recipes for making chocolate cake and other desserts.

Recipe 1. Simple chocolate cake

This cake is prepared for 15 minutes in a microwave oven. Using a mixer, mix 2 eggs and one st. Sahara. Mix until the sugar dissolves. Pour 0.5 cups of vegetable oil into a mixture, add 2 cocoa tablespoons and one glass of sifted flour. The dough is ready, it remains to pour it into the baking dish and put it in the microwave bake. Bake cake for 8 minutes. The microwave should work at full power. We will now prepare the cream. To do this, mix 2 cups of cream (choose with a high percentage of fat content) and 0, 5 cups of sugar. Cut the cake in half and grease each part with cream. Pour on top with melted chocolate (one tile can be melted in a microwave for 2 minutes).

Recipe 2. “Tiramisu”

With the help of a blender, rub chocolate cookies. Put in a baking dish. Pre -stain the bottom parchment. Smell cookies with cognac or syrup to add a piquant taste. Make the next layer from Italian cheese masquearpone. This ingredient is prepared from buffalo. Garnish the cocoa cocoa and put in the cold for one hour.

Recipe 3. From pancakes on Shrovetide

Baked pancakes act as cakes. Each pancake is impregnated with cream. And already you choose the cream yourself. So, you can add a cocoa powder and oil to the condensed milk. Or use melted chocolate as a cream. You can even make an alternation of dark, milk and white varieties.

Recipe 4. Chocolate cake with kefir

Mix a glass of sifted flour and 2 tablespoons cocoa. In any container, mix sugar and kefir (take each ingredient one glass). Add slaughter soda (half a teaspoon) to the flour mixture and pour it into kefir. Beat the dough with a mixer. Pour the dough into a special baking dish previously lubricated with oil and put in the oven. It should be heated to 180 degrees. The cake will be baked within 20-30 minutes. Let him cool down in the oven. Then cut it into two layers and each smear it with cream. On top you can decorate with berries melted or grated chocolate.

Recipe 5. Layered mousse

To prepare this cake, even an oven will not be needed. Mix 0, 25 cup cream with gelatin. Divide the mixture into three equal parts. Also divide whipped fat cream into 3 parts (0, 5 liters.). Mix melted tiles of dark chocolate from 30 g of butter. Add a little liquor and part of the gelatin mixture here. Then add part of the cream. This will be the first layer. The remaining layers are made in the same way, only instead of dark chocolate is added white and milk. It remains to put the cake in the refrigerator for 2 hours.