7 places for a date

So, you met the guy of your dreams, you seem to be already familiar with him and even he called you on a date, but … where will you go? You even begin a small tantrum: what can not be? First, choose yourself an outfit in which all your shortcomings will not be thrown into your eyes. And the advantages will stand out, then make up so that just “ah!”, And now still figure out where you will go?

Do not panic! There are standard gatherings, the first in any case. If you have just met, then the entertainment park is exactly the place where you can go on your first date. The advantages are obvious: it is not necessary to talk a lot, it will be just fun, noisy, and you will meet you closer. So boldly take him by the arm and step marks on the “American slides”.

The next time you can go to some cozy and inexpensive cafe, attention is inexpensive and cozy! Not comfortable and expensive.) It is important! There, in the process of food, you again get used to each other, but you don’t have to talk a lot again-it’s not very easy to talk with your mouth full.

After two weeks dating, it’s time to go with your common friends to nature, but you can do it together. In this case, the most important thing is that the weather does not fail, otherwise your date will be completely spoiled.

As an option to visit and a cinema. Although a rather banal place for dates, but again, after visiting the cinema, finding a common language will be much easier – you can discuss the film that you just watched.

After two months of acquaintance, it will seem the fastest to you that you have already visited everything that was possible, and why not change politics? You know what your boyfriend is fond of? Then lead him exactly where he wants. He loves football – forward for the match, computers – at the Haithach exhibition, collects stamps – well, bring him to the museum! … Thus, you will show him that you care about him, think of him, well, and of course. Respect. This attitude more often encourages a response, and if it does not encourage – why do you need this guy then?!

Well, the last stage of all your dates is a visit to your house. Send parents somewhere and boldly lead to you. You will spend time quite funny-you will play on a computer or maybe look at something funny, in a word you will spend time for glory.

Well, in the end I would like to note the only place where in no case I would advise you to go – this is McDonald’s. A place in which it is always very noisy, in which everyone is always in a hurry – which is why it is better not to go to such places. The fact that you will imbue that atmosphere of the hustle and bustle is so obvious that it is better not to come to McDonald’s with a guy in McDonald’s.